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About Me

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by to read my posts.

My name is Joel, and I just graduated from University of British Columbia as I was studying Psychology. I used to love my major, enjoying every classes that my Uni has to offer for Psy students. I am currently traveling the world as I took a gap year.

I hope I don’t make too many grammar errors that might confuse you guys while reading my posts. I moved from France just a few years ago, so English is not my first language. Because of my origin, I hope I will be able to bring something with a multi-cultural perspective into the table for class if I have a chance in the future.

I spend my spare time with my family and friends. I enjoy kite surfing, although unfortunately the Canadian weather isn’t perfect for outdoor water sports. I spend the other part of my limited spare time designing as I have a passion for graffiti, and the little spare time that’s left writing fashion and travel reviews and other blogs like backseatstylers for example

I’m going to try to take a Canadian centric approach to the different articles, posts, polls and opinions and bring some French flavor into this mixture.

Just a few more facts about me:

I’m an outdoor person, who loves extreme sports and all sorts of new trends in general. I am really into basketball since a young age and I have always been following the NBA (which is why I went to Miami, to watch a game at the AAA arena).

Thank you all for taking your precious time to read my first post!

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